Games - Diplomacy

Diplomacy is a strategic world war one game that is playable as a board game or as a play by email game or as a video game (although the last variant kind of sucks).

This is one of my favorite strategy board games.
Since it is really best when played with the full seven players and takes at least four hours to play, it is difficult to organize in person games.
Play by email versions of the game are also fun. But they have a very different dynamic and feel then an in person game does.

  • Rules - These are the official rules (2000 Avalon Hill 4th ed.)
  • My Dip Map - This is the reference map I use when playing by email.
  • Large Color Map - A nice large color map.
  • Start Position Map - A nice map showing the starting positions of armies and fleets.
  • Diplomacy World - This was a yahoo group that organized play by email Dip games. They seem to be defunct now.
  • DiplomaticCorp - This is an active diplomacy play by email organization site.

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